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Holiday Baking? Here's our favourite staple ingredients & where to get them.

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

(Absolutely no sponsors/affiliation. Just high quality ingredients we love.)

If you're planning out some gluten-free baking over the holidays, but don't know where to find some of the ingredients, we're sharing all our favourite brands for paleo home baking.


1) Almond flour - Kirkland brand: here at the bakery, we get Costco almond flour. Every few months, I search for newer/better brands, but Costco always wins out. Note: almond meal is not the same as almond flour in a recipe. Almond meal included the skins which changes the moisture and texture of your baked good (the almond skins also contain the most lectins - if you're low lectin), so almond flour is always best.

2) Tapioca flour - Yupik: this is a great brand based in Montreal, Canada. We buy our tapioca in huge bags, but you can order 1kg bags from or directly from We always get the organic one, to ensure we get the best quality possible.

3) Cassava flour - Anthony's: this is a great cassava flour. We've tried a few other brands and some of them are quite grainy (and even crunchy like cornmeal!). This one is finely ground and not grainy at all. You can find it on too (They have a great coconut flour too!).


4) Pure maple syrup - Kirkland: here at the bakery we've sourced huge jugs of local maple syrup, but you totally can't go wrong with Costco's big jug of organic maple syrup.

5) Coconut sugar - Yupik: Instead of brown sugar, you can use coconut sugar which is made from the sap of a coconut palm tree (just like we make maple sugar from sugar maples). We like Yupik's coconut sugar best, and again, always go for the organic one!


5) Cocao powder - Yupik: We get raw, natural, organic cocao powder for the bakery, not the dutch-processed/alkalized cocoa powder you find at the grocery store. Raw cocao contains many antioxidants that are ruined but the dutch processing. You can find raw natural organic cocao powder in 1kg bags from or directly from

6) Baking powder - HOMEMADE: did you know that regular baking powder uses cornstarch to keep the other ingredients from clumping together (extending the physical characteristics and shelf life)? Here at the bakery we make our own, and you can too! Just mix 2 tbsp cream of tartar with 1 tbsp baking soda in a container, seal it and give it a shake. You can keep the extra in your kitchen cabinet for months - just give it a good shake before you use it next time, to get rid of the clumps. You can buy small amount of cream of tartar at bulk barn (if you don't bake a lot). Or a big bag from from TooGood Botanics.

Are there any other ingredients you need ideas/sources for, just let me know! We're happy to share. Some high quality gluten free ingredients can be super tricky to find.

Happy baking!! xoxo

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