Inspired by my Christmas cookie baking days with my mom & aunt and the tins of gorgeous cookies we would create and gift to all our friends & family. 


Each 9x9in box will be packed with special limited holiday cookies (including but not limited to gingerbread, chocolate dipped shortbread, chocolate crinkle cookies, thin mints), assorted bars, and more. The perfect box of assorted treats for the holidays to savour & indulge, to make an amazing dessert platter to share with your loved ones, or to send to someone's doorstep as a yummy surprise!


*Box will be filled with a random assortment of holiday cookies & treats. No customization requests please. Photo is last years' goodie boxes. 


**Choose from vegan or non-vegan goodie boxes. Vegan boxes will not contain products with eggs or honey. 


***Holiday goodie boxes will be ready for pickup or delivery Friday December 24.


Price includes applicable tax.

Holiday Goodie Boxes