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The story behind Mary's

colourful pastel macarons in pink blue green and yellow
chocolate chip cookie
everything bagel with sesame poppy onion garlic seasoning
vanilla cupcake with pink wrapper and pink icing and pink sprinkles

We totally know what it's like - dealing with food related health issues, strict elimination diets, and family members with different food restrictions. Trying to figure it all out. Making all your food from scratch. And reading labels. Lost of labels. It's exhausting and frustrating, and sometimes you feel so left out. But it doesn't have to be that way!


After being diagnosed with an inflammatory condition years ago, and doing a lot of research, I started making simple food swaps, taking out inflammatory ingredients (starting with gluten and dairy, and eventually soy, corn, & rice), trading highly refined sugars for more natural sweeteners like coconut sugar and maple syrup, and trading chemically-processed oils for cold-pressed olive oil and virgin coconut oil. By choosing better-for-you ingredients, and making some simple lifestyle changes, the inflammation went away, and my body was able to heal.


Now it's our mission to share our better-for-you baked goods, to help you feel better too (but without all work)! We bring you great tasting baked goods that you can feel good about eating; that you're happy to share with your family, and don’t make your conditions flare up. 

We've since learned that our condition affects several other family members, so we get how hard it can be. Let us make it easier for you with our better-for-you baked goods!!


And if there's anything you or your family really miss since eliminating certain foods, feel free to reach out to us and we'll add it to our R&D list, cuz we're always working on new things.

vanilla donut with chocolate glaze and a vanilla donut with pink icing
vanilla cupcake with strawberry on top
vanilla donut with vanilla glaze and chocoalte drizzle
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