Our Story

The story behind Mary's Mindful BakeHouse Ltd. 

Our family has always been HUGE bakers. Making cakes for every occasion (any excuse really!). Cream puffs and cheesecakes for desserts. And the coolest gingerbread houses. One of our biggest traditions was baking mountains of cookies together before the holidays & making the most beautiful tins to give out as gifts. Sharing baked goods has, and will always have a big part in our family.

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But my two pregnancies hit me HARD and I hit rock bottom with my health. My body hurt so bad, I could barely will myself out of bed. I alternated OTC pain meds all day long to push through the pain and my new migraines and thought I was getting early Alzheimer’s (turns out it was brain fog from fibromyalgia AND half my family has it too). I was told removing gluten and dairy wouldn't help, but I did it anyways and felt better quickly. But I later found out I was more sensitive to rice, potato and corn than to wheat!! (And that's what you find in all the GF products!). So I started modifying my recipes and making EVERYTHING from scratch.


We started sharing our baked goods, and I ended up leaving my pharma job to open our bakery, to help others like us. I've made it my mission to bring you great tasting baked goods that you're happy to share with your family, and don’t make your conditions flare.


If there's anything you or your family really miss since cutting certain foods from your diet, and you'd like us to try work on, please reach out to us and we'll add it to our “to do” list that we are slowly working through. We'd love to hear from you!

Happy baking! XO



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