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Our Story

The story behind Mary's

As a kid I remember baking all the time with my mom. It was a form of love in our house. Everyday things like brownies & apple crisp, to tins of assorted cookies at Christmas, that we'd give out as gifts to everyone we knew. 

I took this love of baking with me when I moved to Windsor to start my pharma career at Accucaps/Catalent. But after having 2 kids, my health took a big hit, and I had to change some things. 

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I experienced indigestion and pain after everything I ate, had brain fog, constant migraines, and my body hurt everywhere. It was so hard to physically get up in the morning. It would turn out to be Fibromyalgia, but I wouldn't get an actual diagnosis for years. 


I started to make some simple food swaps, taking out the most inflammatory ingredients, starting with gluten and dairy, and eventually soy, corn, & rice. I traded highly refined white sugar for more natural sweeteners like coconut sugar and maple syrup, and traded over-processed seed oils for cold-pressed olive oil and virgin coconut oil. These food swaps, combined with some simple lifestyle changes, helped my body began to heal, and my inflammation to go down. 

If you have an inflammatory or autoimmune condition you know it doesn't ever really go away, but you can manage it, and minimize flare ups. That's where I'm at today. I've been off my medication for years, and minimize flares by taking care of myself and feeding my body the best foods I can. 

I was still working as a pharma research & development scientist when I started sharing my new baked goods. I had so much fun getting back into baking and joined the Windsor farmers market. After just a few months, I decided to leave my full-time job to open our bakery, to share our baked goods, and help others like you & I. It's my mission to bring you great tasting baked goods that you can feel good about eating; that you're happy to share with your family, and don’t make your condition flare.


We've since learned that Fibro runs heavy in our family, so we get how hard it can be. If there's anything you or your family really miss since eliminating certain foods, feel free to reach out to us and we'll add it to our “to do” list that we are slowly working through.

We'd love to hear from you!! XO


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