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Need Keto/Sugar-Free? Do It Right With Paleo Palate Cafe, Now At Our Bakery!!

Updated: Feb 26

Watch an unboxing here:

At first glance, you might mistake these cupcakes for cupcakes from our shop. I wouldn't blame you! My husband came into the bakery as I was taking these photos and thought they were too. But they came on a delivery van from Toronto today (along with lots of other yummy goodies!!) from Snehal of Paleo Palate Cafe.

Since we opened, we've had lots of requests for keto/sugar-free/diabetic-friendly products, and we listened! But instead of making them ourselves, we've brought in a expert! These goodies are so amazing - we LOVED her paleo muffins and other products we grabbed in the summer when passing through Toronto. They believe in using only the best ingredients, just like us, like almond flour, coconut flour, coconut oil, etc. And swap in erythritol & monk-fruit to make them sugar-free, diabetic friendly, almost all keto (and even some are vegan!). It's a healthier take on sugar-free, that you can feel good about.

Starting this week we'll have the following Paleo Palate Cafe items available at our shop:

Keto Vanilla Cupcakes, 2 pack

Keto Chocolate Cupcakes, 2 pack

Keto Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes, 2 pack

Keto & Vegan Almond Butter Cookies, 5 pack

Keto & Vegan Walnut Sugar Cookies, 5 pack

Keto Almond Biscotti, 5 pack

Keto Cinnamon "Sugar" Donuts, 4 pack

Keto Lemon Raspberry Muffins, 2 pack

Keto Blueberry Muffins, 2 pack

Sugar-Free Apple Pie Muffins, 2 pack

Check them all out at the link below. And if you click on an individual product, you'll find a full list of their amazing ingredients. :)


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