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Bakery Update - April 25, 2022

Hi there!

I thought I’d send out an update, since I’ve missed our weekly blog posts for a few weeks, and have been out of the bakery a bit, and I’m feeling a little out of touch with you all.

We’ve had a challenging last few months, between onboarding new team members, making lots of reject product while they learn, equipment & electrical issues, and an ongoing battle with sick days as covid and other things are circulating right now. But we seem to be coming out of it no finally, (hopefully).

Last week went very smooth, (yay!) and we’re back into the groove with the farmer’s market, and the new hours. Yesterday we got the electrical work done at the shop, to stop our fuses from blowing when we run more than one big piece of equipment at a time, and to be able to start using the ice cream machine. (And today our gas leak was fixed! Double yay!) So watch for an announcement on ice cream in the coming weeks (after we learn the ins and outs of the machine and experiment with our recipes).

We should also have our coffee running in the next few weeks. We had to borrow our staff-room mini fridge and the coffee machine mini fridge to help us out at home, as our home fridge died about a week ago and the ETA of the new part is about 2 weeks (one more week to go with 6 people living out of 2 mini fridges, lol.)

I learned this morning that we may or may not have an upcoming shortage on the main ingredient in our icing, as I am not able to order it right now. But I do have a decent stockpile that should get us by for a little while - so hopefully that will resolve before we need to restock. Otherwise we may need to revise our menu, and either try out some new icings, or take a break from cupcakes & cakes. But we’ll cross that bridge when we need to. So stay tuned.

Thank you for all your amazing support & feedback as we continue to learn & grow!! We totally appreciate each & every one of you!!!

Talk soon,


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