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Flakey Montreal Pastries Now Available

Updated: Feb 26

Watch an unboxing of Le Marquis here:

Croissant ASMR (here how crunchy/flakey there really are!!):

This morning Boulangerie Le Marquis drove down to Windsor (he started at 1am last night!!) to bring us their gf df pastries!! Their menu includes:

  • flakey croissants

  • chocolatines (croissants stuffed with dark chocolate)

  • almond croissants (croissants stuffed with almond frangipane, topped with almonds)

  • almond chocolatines (chocolatines topped with almond frangipane and almonds)

  • eclairs filled with df pastry cream, topped in chocolate

  • mille-feuille (layers of flakey pastry and pastry cream)

  • keto brownies

  • vol-au-vent ( pastry shells you can use to make your own sweet or savoury pastries at home)

  • puff pastry, to use at home

BUT, disclaimer, they do not follow "Paleo". They use rice (in their flour blend), soy (in their vegan butter), and sometimes dairy (in the keto brownies, and in the chocolatines). So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check the ingredient listings before consuming, if you have any allergies. We've listed their ingredients under each respective product page.


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