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Are We Keto? Vegan? What ARE We?

We get asked this quite a bit, and while we usually try to avoid labeling our type of baking (we purposely left a diet label out of our bakery’s name), Mary’s Mindful BakeHouse fits best into the “paleo” label, with our whole food, unprocessed ingredients, and no grains, dairy, or legumes.

We also have lots & lots of plant-based/vegan options and a few nut-free & AIP items (and are trying to add more options in the future!).

We often get asked if we are diabetic safe, but our answer isn’t as clear cut. While we are “refined-sugar-free”, we are not “sugar-free” - it means we use more natural, less processed sugars like organic maple syrup, organic honey and organic coconut sugar. These sugars are better, but whether we are diabetic friendly really depends on the individual and how they control their blood sugar levels. For instance, my mom is diabetic quite successfully watches the carb levels she eats at each meal, and can adjust her meals to keep her blood sugar levels in check throughout the day. By doing this, she can “indulge” in some of our desserts once in a while without wreaking havoc on her sugar levels.

As for keto though, since we use the natural sweeteners like honey, syrup & coconut sugar, we do not fit into a strict definition of keto. We also use gut-healthy resistant starches like tapioca and cassava for improved texture. That said, there is some new evidence that a bit of carb-loading with dinner (after following keto for breakfast and lunch) really helps women on the keto diet, with their hormones and sleep (I just read a really great book called “Keto for Women” by Leanne Vogel). After being strict keto for multiple months, your hormones and sleep can take a hit, so she recommends adding some carbs back in, strategically. You’ll also notice in some of her recipes she uses honey, or fruit - since you can reintroduce them in small quantities and still remain in ketosis.

So I guess that one isn’t as clear cut either. While we aren’t strict keto by definition, you could still enjoy some of our foods, like our tortillas, with your dinner as part of a well planned keto diet.

I don’t follow strict keto myself (my body can’t handle the sugar substitutes, and can’t process super high amounts of fat, thanks to my “Dirty Genes” - another great book I recommend), but I found Leanne’s book fascinating, totally enjoyed a bunch of her recipes, and recommend it to anyone looking to be on keto long term.

There are also a few local places that DO specialize in keto, and I’d be happy to point you in their direction to help you on your health journey. Just let me know!


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