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Gluten-Free Dream 2024!

Inside Canada's largest gluten free festival & visiting GF Toronto bakeries

Are you gluten-free & live near Toronto? Then you just missed one of the biggest gluten-free events this year!! BUT... there's one coming up in London in June!!

Come see what it's like inside The Gluten Free Garage (so you know what to expect when you come out next year!! or to decide if you want to visit the upcoming show in London) and after we're done there, we head off to visit a few other gluten-free shops around Toronto:

  • Almond Butterfly Cafe (GF)

  • Bunner's (GF/V/nut-free)

  • Nutbar (Superfood smoothies)

You can watch our video of our visit to Gluten Free Garage & the GF bakeries we tried:

For info on the London Show:

For info on the Toronto Show:


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