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Grain-Free, Corn-Free Sorghum "Popcorn"

Photo: organic air-popped popcorn (left), with organic pan-popped sorghum (right).

If you're looking for a grain-free/corn-free alternate to popcorn, give this recipe a try! It uses organic pseudo-grain sorghum in place of corn kernels, for a healthier alternative, and uses pretty much the same technique as stove-top popcorn. (We tried in the air-popper but the sorghum kernels are so light, they flew out before popping).

Have you heard of sorghum? It's a nutrient packed pseudo-grain (like quinoa) that's rich in so many vitamins and minerals, like B vitamins, Mg, K, P, Fe, and Zn, as well as lots of fibre, protein & antioxidants. Give this recipe a try! Or swap sorghum for your rice or quinoa for your next meal, for some extra variety. You can also find sorghum flour in Canada now, for use in gf baking.

To Make Popped Sorghum You'll Need:

-1 tablespoon of oil (you could use coconut, or extra virgin olive oil, or any veggie oil you have on hand).

-1/2c sorghum kernels (you don't need "special" kernels, we just used our regular sorghum that we buy & usually cook like millet/rice).

-large heavy-bottom saucepan

-optional: salt & butter/butter-substitute


-Add oil to a large heavy-bottomed pot, and heat over medium

-Add sorghum kernels. Swirl pan to coat kernels in oil, then cover with lid.

-Stay nearby! And shake pan every minute.

-Listen for popping (or lift the lid and peak - but be careful!) Just like popcorn, wait until you hear pops less than every 5 seconds. Remove from heat. (Note: only about half your kernels will pop. You can remove the unpopped ones and just eat the popped ones, or enjoy them together. The unpopped are nutty & crunchy and won't break your teeth like unpeopled popcorn kernels).

-Add your toppings and enjoy!


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