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Is the Ninja Creami worth it? We think Yes!

Updated: 3 days ago

If you know our bakery, then chance are you or someone you know has at least one dietary restiction. The new Ninja Creami machine might be perfect for you, as it lets you make custom "ice cream" recipes at home, in small'ish quantities that can cater to your different dietary needs.

You can take a couple of simple ingredients (avoiding the not-so great additives of store-bought , pre-freeze them for 24hrs in their special tubs, and spin them on demand, right when you want some "ice cream". I keep using quotes for ice cream because its a term I would use very loosely here. Dairy-free, vegan, high-fat, low fat, low carb, sugar-free, or whatever you need!! This machine can turn 100% fruit (even 100% applesauce), into a delicious sorbet. Frozen coffee treats, high protein ice cream, the ideas are endless.

I just got one & and I'm already a bit obsessed!

If you'd like to watch us unbox our machine & see our first few test recipes you can watch them here:

to watch us make other Ninja Creami recipes, like these high protein (but dairy-free!) chocolate or vanilla ice creams with fun mix-ins:

PS. Costco Canada has it on sale right now $40 off, plus 3 bonus tubs (until Jun 2, 24). This is not an ad - I get absolutely nothing for this. I just think it's an amazing deal if you think it's a great addition to your home kitchen too.


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