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Paleo "Snickers" Date Bites?

Make these stuffed dates for a super-easy, delicious, paleo, Snickers-like treat. Let me know if you try these with peanuts & PB. I used a pecan, and almond butter, since we're a peanut free facility. They even kinda LOOK like snickers inside too!

This is WAY better than the VIRAL TikTok date bark recipe. Even faster, AND easier, BETTER texture, and BETTER ingredient proportions = 100% tastes like a snickers, even without peanuts (we used a pecan, and almond butter).


-Pitted Medjool date

-1 whole nut of choice (we used a pecan)

-nut better of choice (we used almond butter)

-chocolate of choice, melted (we used a paleo chocolate, sweetened with maple syrup)


-Place nut in centre of date, top with some nut butter. Try closing the date back up as best as possible. If your nut butter is very runny, place in freezer for 10-20 minutes for it to firm up (so it doesn't make a mess of your chocolate).

-Melt your chocolate and dip your date

-Chill in fridge or freezer until chocolate sets


**Since I did this at our bakery, and we're a peanut-free facility I did this with pecans & almond butter, but I would LOVE to hear how this turns out with peanuts and PB!! If you try it, LMK!!

Want to see how I did it? You can watch our YouTube short here:


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